Fiction: “You will be Reimbursed…”

Excerpt from "you will be reimbursed for all your troubles," published March 2016 in SX Salon 1969: US Senate Assigned Task Force on What the Hell We Should Do about All These Hijacking Cubana Exiles, Black Power Desperadoes, and Hippie Draft Dodgers Who Wanna Get the Fuck Outta Dodge and Find Home in Some Sunny … Continue reading Fiction: “You will be Reimbursed…”

Fiction: “Night Nurse”

Excerpt from "Night Nurse," published July 2015 in Bartleby Snopes "She loves him in a blue white way. Hospital white. She changes his sheets and cuts his toenails, yellowed and hard. Tells him no, she can't take out the breathing tube. He scraps at the plastic with his nails, leaves needle-fine scratches where the tube … Continue reading Fiction: “Night Nurse”

Fiction: “Atomic Matter”

Excerpt from "Atomic Matter," published July 2014 in Moko Magazine “Here is how you make Ska. Take some orphans from Alpha School for wayward boys – boys fed on a diet of old school gamma waves beaming blues from New Orleans and Miami. Give them some decent suits, pants cut a little too short. Give … Continue reading Fiction: “Atomic Matter”

Fiction: “Lovers’ Leap”

Excerpt from "Lovers' Leap," published Spring 2013 in Coastlines In this present state of hearsay and confusion, we women of this island can say for certain that the !rst man that August to jump to his death o" the cli"s of Negril was Euton Mattis, 31, from Portmore, St. Catherine. Most witnesses lingering late in the night at … Continue reading Fiction: “Lovers’ Leap”