Luxe Denver Stylemaker: Sarah Darlene Palmeri

"As a material, fabric never feels purely neutral. Textiles swathe the most private corners of our home. They live close to our skin, molded to our bodies and memories. Denver-based artist Sarah Darlene Palmeri unravels their layers of meaning through mixed-media works that feature repurposed fabrics—often including clothes donated by loved ones or from her … Continue reading Luxe Denver Stylemaker: Sarah Darlene Palmeri

Luxe Los Angeles Stylemaker: Karolina Maszkiewicz

"Alongside her fellow Angelenos, sculptor Karolina Maszkiewicz watched, heartbroken, as the Woolsey Fire blazed through Los Angeles and Ventura counties in 2018. Nature had always informed her work, from her early days as a fashion designer and illustrator to her transition as a full-time sculptor in 2017. Witnessing the devastation while walking through the charred … Continue reading Luxe Los Angeles Stylemaker: Karolina Maszkiewicz

Luxe Los Angeles Stylemaker: Roberto Benavidez

"Swinging in a flurry of color, piñatas are emblematic of unadulterated, carefree pleasures. More than simpledecorated containers, they’re also vessels of traditions that cross borders and centuries. And for Los Angeles artist Roberto Benavidez, who finds inspiration in their layers of history and meaning, they’re the starting point to create imaginative, flamboyant sculpture collections." Click … Continue reading Luxe Los Angeles Stylemaker: Roberto Benavidez

Luxe New York Stylemaker: James Perkins

"Stand still long enough along Fire Island’s churning beaches, and you will witness a procession of nature’s mercurial wonders: the electric neons of sunsets, the blue-grays of pending storms, the fathoms-deep darkness of midnight. James Perkins has seen them all, distilling these moments of awe into three-dimensional paintings that undulate with currents of color and … Continue reading Luxe New York Stylemaker: James Perkins

Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Kristen van Diggelen Sloan

"Uprooting one’s entire life and moving cross-country is no small feat—but that was the leap of faith made by artist Kristen van Diggelen Sloan in 2014, when the veteran Californian traded life in San Francisco for a 12-acre farmstead in York County, South Carolina. There, she and husband Michael created something of a rural compound, … Continue reading Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Kristen van Diggelen Sloan

Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Adana tillman

"It takes many hands to make a quilt—even when not all those hands touch it. For Atlanta fiber artist Adana Tillman, each stitch and slip of fabric embodies the inherited tales and talents of those who came before her.Like so many contemporary artists elevating this timeless craft to the caliber of fine art, Tillman is … Continue reading Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Adana tillman

Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Addie Chapin

"So much of painting’s history revolves around the pursuit of light, of harnessing its warm clarity using oil and pigments. But it’s the shadows that Chattanooga painter Addie Chapin most loves probing; those moments “when you can’t tell if it’s dawn or dusk, and the light is so dim, things start to appear you wouldn’t … Continue reading Luxe Southeast Stylemaker: Addie Chapin

Luxe Texas Stylemaker: Megan Leihgeber

"Working at the pottery wheel in her Austin studio, ceramicist Megan Leihgeber has thought a lot in recent months about what it means to be “together.” Friends helped build her workshop—washed in farmhouse white and stacked to the ceiling with her creations—so both the space and the memories behind it have added renewed poignancy to … Continue reading Luxe Texas Stylemaker: Megan Leihgeber

Luxe Colorado Stylemaker: Amy Metier

"Amy Metier’s work is progressing well when it feels like she’s “falling right into a piece,” she says. Indeed, the pursuit of immersion resonates throughout the artist’s paintings, collages and prints. Plunging viewers into portals of emotions, colors and movement, her large-scale works are, Metier explains, “human-sized experiences.”Read more at Click spread below for … Continue reading Luxe Colorado Stylemaker: Amy Metier

Luxe TEXAS Stylemaker: Melissa Ellis

"Whether it’s gossamer thin or rippled in waves of color, nothing quite compares to the virtuosity of oil paint. Old and modern masters alike have toiled to understand its unique alchemy—and it’s this pursuit that drives Dallas-based artist and sculptural oil painter Melissa Ellis, who pushes her medium’s potential by hand-sculpting embellishments out of oil … Continue reading Luxe TEXAS Stylemaker: Melissa Ellis