Luxe Southeast: Laura W. Jenkins Interiors

"Adopting a century-old home is never a casual affair. Appreciating its timeworn bones—chips, cracks and all—requires enduring love and dedication. That much rang true for designer Laura Jenkins and architect McLean Jenkins, an Atlanta couple entwined in creative courtship with their 1905 Victorian bungalow in Grant Park. Initially drawn to the neighborhood’s historic surroundings, with … Continue reading Luxe Southeast: Laura W. Jenkins Interiors

Luxe Southeast: Mary McBride Interiors

"A newly completed residence in Chattanooga might not seem like the most obvious opportunity to telegraph an experience of Parisian luxury. But for one couple, the revitalized city’s raw potential provided the blank slate for just such an ambition. It all started with one particularly memorable trip to Paris, when the wife combed antique markets … Continue reading Luxe Southeast: Mary McBride Interiors

Luxe Texas: Fern Santini

"When a young couple first began imagining where their family would reside, “we didn’t even have any children yet,” laughs the wife. “But we knew the life we wanted our future kids to have.” They dreamed their brood-to-be would enjoy lush green days outdoors and lively gatherings in a contemporary yet playful house steeped in … Continue reading Luxe Texas: Fern Santini


"There is a certain style and color palette that comes to mind when imagining the quintessential modern high-rise dwelling, and it’s often denoted by chic monochromes, polished surfaces and minimalist decor. Designer David Frazier knows well the components of this ensemble, yet the look didn’t feel right for the Denver condo of his clients, former … Continue reading Luxe COLORADO: DAVID FRAZIER

Luxe San Francisco Home: Butler Armsden Architects

"For many families, there’s a vacation spot that lives happily in collective memory—an annual retreat where many milestones and fleeting moments occur, from the youngest members learning to swim to epic, all-ages games of Capture the Flag. For this San Francisco-based clan of six, that place has always been Stinson Beach. “We have been going … Continue reading Luxe San Francisco Home: Butler Armsden Architects

Luxe San Francisco Home: Eche Martinez

"Something happens in a house that witnesses the passing of a century. Shaped by the years and souls that flowed through its walls, these abodes become more than the sum of their masonry by absorbing the spirit of who and what came before. This was true for one young family’s home in Presidio Heights, originally … Continue reading Luxe San Francisco Home: Eche Martinez

Luxe San Francisco Home: Kristi Will Design

"There’s something singularly magical about the Northern California coast, where wildflower-laden bluffs meet the churning Pacific and gray whales seasonally leap from the waves. This landscape was like a siren call to a couple, both Massachusetts natives, who craved a return to life by the ocean." Click spread below for a closer look

Luxe Colorado Home: Ruggles Mabe Studio

"Strolling past the grand mansions in historic Denver neighborhoods feels a bit like going back in time. With their classical architecture, expansive lawns and winding drives, these turn-of-the-century homes capture the art of graceful living in what was, even then, a burgeoning city. It’s this old-world charm that a couple of Boulder transplants instantly fell … Continue reading Luxe Colorado Home: Ruggles Mabe Studio

Large Up: Scot Sardinha Profile

Published March 2016 on Close your eyes and think of the Caribbean home where you grew up, and no doubt one essential piece comes to mind – that massive china cabinet or vanity dresser dominating the room, all dark, thick mahogany and carved within an inch of its life in pineapple scales and lion … Continue reading Large Up: Scot Sardinha Profile