Fiction: “You will be Reimbursed…”

Excerpt from “you will be reimbursed for all your troubles,” published March 2016 in SX Salon

1969: US Senate Assigned Task Force on What the Hell We Should Do about All These Hijacking Cubana Exiles, Black Power Desperadoes, and Hippie Draft Dodgers Who Wanna Get the Fuck Outta Dodge and Find Home in Some Sunny Communist Paradise

Proposal 23*—Rejected as effective but inane

Make all passengers wear professional-grade boxing gloves through the duration of their flights, diminishing their capacity to brandish concealed weapons, namely, guns, knives, homemade bombs with unconvincing wiring, jumbo-size bug spray with Zippo lighters, and/or mayo jars of acid, clear as well-brewed moonshine. For extra measure, play the Cubana national anthem before every takeoff (foreign and domestic) and arrest anyone who murmurs along, eyes glazed over with fluorescent dreams. Read more at

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