Like a mysterious, simmering cauldron, there’s always something bubbling in ceramicist Raina J. Lee’s kiln. The results never fail to surprise, whether it’s foaming glazes that crackle like the surface of the moon or the swirls of dreamy pastels and nebula neons. The Los Angeles-based artist fully embraces her craft’s alchemical elements, reimagining classical forms … Continue reading LUXE LA STYLEMAKER: RAINA LEE

Luxe New York Stylemaker: LaParis Phillips

Flush with scent and color, flowers feel extra precious amidst New York City’s concrete landscape, bringing life to the dreariest snow-slicked day. Florist LaParis Phillips knows this all too well, infusing this joy throughout Brooklyn Blooms, her floral design studio that has become a beloved Bed-Stuy neighborhood staple since opening in 2017.Read more at … Continue reading Luxe New York Stylemaker: LaParis Phillips

Venice Magazine: Germane Barnes

Miami-based architect, artist and academic Germane Barnes has a theory on why Batman takes it into his own hands to save Gotham City, scaling skyscrapers to hunt down villains. His theory is that maybe the real culprits of injustice are not just the litany of colorful criminals—but bad architecture.Read more at Click spread below … Continue reading Venice Magazine: Germane Barnes