Luxe: Stylemaker Rudi Repenning

Web Story: Luxe Daily Scandinavian sleekness goes to the tropics in the furniture designs of Miami-based Rudi Repenning. Inspired by the rich textures of reclaimed local wood, the Swedish-born designer blends neat, geometric lines with exposed, weathered surfaces. “I like to show the impressions of time on these boards–the nail holes, the chipped paint, the … Continue reading Luxe: Stylemaker Rudi Repenning

Luxe: Stylemaker Cathy Conner

Web Story Whether working with plaster or ganache, decorative painter Cathy Conner knows her way around a spatula. At her Seattle-based Studio C, Conner has adapted skills from her former life as a pastry chef, becoming the go-to expert for decorative surfaces. Think delicate Chinoiserie murals, or gilded gesso reliefs. “For me, the process is … Continue reading Luxe: Stylemaker Cathy Conner

Luxe: Stylemaker Windy Chein

Web Story: Once an iconic fixture of 1970s decor, macrame jumps by creative leaps and bounds in the work of San Francisco-based artist Windy Chien. Diving deep into the storied history of knotting techniques, Chien expands macrame’s traditional repertoire to create her uniquely sculptural forms. She chronicled this exploration in her popular Instagram account, @theyearofknots, … Continue reading Luxe: Stylemaker Windy Chein

Luxe: Stylemaker Val Britton

Web Story Today’s modern maps may have everything plotted to perfection, but the allure of parts unknown still lives on for artist Val Britton. Inspired by cartography, her paper collage paintings and installations imagine an expressionistic take on the open road, conflating highways and constellations. “I like to tease out the language of maps and … Continue reading Luxe: Stylemaker Val Britton