To a pilot, the world looks different from above. A quiet order emerges from the tangle of daily life, revealing a geometric labyrinth of highways, farmlands and skyscrapers connecting us all. These man-made footprints form a familiar and enthralling pattern for Phoenix-based artist Christine Cassano—one she finds repeating everywhere, from sprawling city grids to the … Continue reading LUXE NEW YORK STYLEMAKER: Christine Cassano


Like the armless goddesses of ancient Grecian ruins, there’s a certain aura that belongs only to beautiful, broken things. Away from the confines of precision, the rough edges reveal a new level of vulnerability and intimacy. This graceful brokenness takes on modern resonance for New York-based artist Esther Rosa, who creates introspective paper clay artworks … Continue reading LUXE NEW YORK STYLEMAKER: Esther Rosa

Venice Magazine: Germane Barnes

Miami-based architect, artist and academic Germane Barnes has a theory on why Batman takes it into his own hands to save Gotham City, scaling skyscrapers to hunt down villains. His theory is that maybe the real culprits of injustice are not just the litany of colorful criminals—but bad architecture.Read more at Click spread below … Continue reading Venice Magazine: Germane Barnes

Venice Magazine: Rubell Museum

Love can lead you to the most unexpected places. For mega-collectors Don and Mera Rubell, their decadeslong passion for contemporary art led them to a cluster of warehouses in Allapattah. In 2016, they were just looking for extra storage for their constantly growing number of pieces, a fraction of which were on display at the … Continue reading Venice Magazine: Rubell Museum