Venice Fall 2021: Chef Jen Knox

In the competitive, swashbuckling world of professional high-end kitchens, you can often tell a lot about the chefs by their tattoos. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, with talismans collected from years perfecting their passions on the line. Chef Jen Knox, the culinary visionary behind Delray Beach’s latest luxe eatery, Warren American Whiskey Kitchen, is no exception.

Perched on a fierce skull, a badass lady commandeers her right arm—a little gift she gave herself after earning her first leadership position in the kitchen. The ink on her left forearm is dedicated to the flavors of her trade: a crab, a plump pig and a chicken decked out in colorful plumes. And tucked near her elbow is a cherry red Sour Patch Kid—her tongue-in-cheek miniature mascot, “because at first I’m sour, and then I’m sweet,” she says.


(Click spread below for a closer look)

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