Luxe: Interview with Thomas Jayne

Gilded Age author Edith Wharton may have enjoyed designing discord in her novels, but certainly not in her drawing room. Now her decorating insights find fresh life in designer Thomas Jayne’s new book, Classical Principles for Modern Design (The Monacelli Press).

With co-author Ted Loos, Jayne breaks down Wharton’s The Decoration of Houses (her seminal interior design guide co-written by architect Ogden Codman) and reimagines their advice for modern living. Though some essentials have changed a century onwards (Wharton preferred to discuss ballrooms over kitchens), the duo’s call for harmonious, thoughtful rooms feels more relevant than ever.

In the stunning tome, Jayne makes an ideal missionary for traditional design — a style that effortlessly infuses ease into historic spaces. The book even includes Jayne’s elegant redesign of the study at Wharton’s iconic summer home, dubbed The Mount.

We spoke with the designer about tackling the iconic text and on his enduring love for classical decor. Read More Here.

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